Feb 17, 2010

Chianti Classico, March 23, 2010

Chianti Classico - A Taste of Tuscany

Next month (March), Toronto Vintners Club visits Tuscany and tastes Chianti Classico. Tuscany, known for its beautiful landscapes, its rich artistic legacy and vast influence on high culture, is widely regarded as the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, and has been home to some of the most influential people in history, such as Petrach, Dante, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci. Gallileo, Puccini and other notables. So you might expect the region to also produce notable wines which it does. Classico wines tend to be medium-bodied with firm tannins and medium-high to high acidity. Floral, cherry and light nutty notes are characteristic aromas with the wines expressing more notes on the mid-palate and finish than at the front of the mouth. As with Bordeaux, the different regions of Chianti Classico have unique characteristics that can be exemplified and perceived in some wines from those areas. We hope you will join us for an evening of exceptional Chianti Classico wines.

Event Details

Date: Tues. March 23, 2010
Time: 6 PM
Price: TVC Members: $59; Guests: $74
Location: Toronto Board of Trade, 4th floor (Downtown Toronto), 1st Cdn Place, King St. West (NW Corner of King & Bay St.), Toronto