Oct 25, 2010

Meritage Wines, November 16

Our last tasting of the year is Meritage wines. Meritage is a term used to denote high quality New World wines blended in the tradition of Bordeaux, crafted with specific “noble” Bordeaux grape varieties and are considered to be the very best wines from a winery. Expect full, complex wines with Bordeaux signature flavors - cigar box, rich fruits, with a hefty feel. A few of the wines we'll be drinking are from wineries whose Meritage wines beat out a few top French Chateaux (including second growths) in a recent Vendange Institute tasting of international premium reds.

Theme: Meritage (Click for details)
Date: Tuesday, November 16
Time: 6 PM
Where: Faculty Club, 41 Willcocks St., Toronto
Cost: Members $43; Non-Members: $57
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Oct 23, 2010

1996 Barolo Rankings

We had a good turnout for our Barolo tasting on October 19 and were joined by Bernard Stramwasser, sommelier and co-owner of Le Sommelier Inc., as our guest speaker and also reception wine supplier. A lover of Barolos, Bernard spoke to us back in Nov, 2008 when we tasted 1997 Barolos. With his exceptional nose and keen palate, Bernard picked up some very interesting bouquets and flavours in the wines.

Sommelier, Bernard Stramwasser
Only one wine failed to show really well in Bernard’s opinion and that of most attendees - the Elio Grasso which Bernard described as Umami - soy sauce overtones.  It was a little over the hill but the other 7 wines still had considerable tannin and aging potential left even after 14 years.  The group and our speaker agreed on their #1 wine - the Marchesi di Barolo Barolo $44 from La Lorra which he said was a "most classic Barolo", "super complex on the nose - tar, roses, black cherries, loads of woods . . ." . Barnard ranked the Elio Grasso (Monforte d’Alba) at $49 as his #8 while the group ranked it 7th. The group ranked the Andrea Oberto Vigneto Rocche Barolo as #8 which Bernard ranked 5th.

The reception wine, supplied by Le Sommelier Inc. was a Schiopetto wine white from Fruili (Italy).  Robert Parker wrote, "A brilliant producer, Schiopetto is the reference point for just how flavorful, perfumed, and compelling dry whites from Friuli can be." Click the link for information.
http://www.lesommelier.com/wineries/entry/schiopetto/  To order, contact Le Sommelier at 416-603-7026 or send an email to vinfo@lesommelier.com.

A huge thanks to Bernard and Le Sommelier Inc. for making our evening so enjoyable!  Here are how the wines ranked.

Name of Wine (in order poured)
Group Ranking
Guest Ranking
 A. Armando Parusso Barolo Piccole Vigne 5 3
B. Andrea Oberto Vigneto Rocche Barolo 8 5
C. Fratelli Revello Barolo  4 4
D. Elio Grasso Barolo 7 8
E. Mauro Veglio Barolo Gattera 3 3
F. Giacomo Ascheri Barolo Podere di Sorano 2 6
G. Michele Chiarlo Barolo Cerequio 6 7
H. Marchesi di Barolo Barolo 1 1