Sep 16, 2014

Exploring Southern Italy in October

Next month in October, we explore various wine regions and different grape varieties of Southern Italy. Toronto Vintners Club has 8 highly rated red wines from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, Puglia, Calbria, Basilcata and Campania.

To view a map of the wine production areas, visit  and to learn more about wines of Southern Italy, visit

Italy uses an esoteric wine labeling system like France which can be baffling to understand, but more challenging is learning all the official grape varieties which number about 350!  Many of the grapes such as Nero d'Avola, Primitivo, Aglianico, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera  are unfamiliar to most N. American oenophiles.  Although the grapes and wines may not be household names like their Piedmont or Tuscan cousins, the wines of Italy's southern districts are bold, full-bodied, satisfying AND generally, good value for money.  This event is a great opportunity to learn about and taste good quality Italian wines made from various grape varieties.  Many of these wines can be cellared for many years, if desired.

Seating is limited at this event so please register early. Note - all ticket sales are final.

Theme:  Red Wines of Southern Italy
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Time: 6 PM - Reception Wine; 6:20 PM - Formal Tasting
Location:  U of Toronto Faculty Club, 41 Willcocks, St., Toronto ON
Price:  TVC Members:  $64; Guests / Non-members:  $84
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Note: All ticket sales are final!!!

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