Mar 22, 2017

Review of Sauvignon Blanc tasting

Here's a recap of our Sauvignon Blanc Judgement tasting which took place Tuesday March 21.

Great tasting last night. Britnie Bazylewski and Josh Kelly of Creekside Winery brought along a fruity sipper from Creekside. The 2016 Creekside Sauvignon Blanc set the stage for an evening of grapefruit and gooseberry.

We experienced a lot of similarity between the wines with familiar gooseberry, grassiness, tropical fruit showing up all over. There was also a lot of variation in the amount of oak influence, juicy fruitiness, and acidity across the range of wines. There was definitely a wine for every taste in this high-calibre collection of white wines.

Possibly the most active group discussion about wines we’ve ever had at the end of the tasting. This was probably mostly due to how effectively Britnie coaxed comments from members as she gave her impressions of the wines. It was a really fun and active discussion at the end of the evening.  One of our members commented that Britnie was the best speaker TVC has ever had.  Thank you!

Group results:

2013 Henri Bourgeois La Bourgeoise Sancerre (Loire) $44; Group #1; Guest #8 and #1

2013 Clouds Rest Forbidden Sauvignon Blanc (California) $50; Group #2

2013 Creekside Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (Ontario) $27; Group #3

 2016 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) $35; Group #4

2014 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc (California) $47; Group #5

2013 Schiopetto Sauvignon Blanc (Italy) $33; Group #6

2013 Château Olivier Blanc (Bordeaux) $59; Group #7

2013 Henri Bourgeois d'Antan Sancerre (Loire) $59; Group #8

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